Human Touch Perfect Massage Chair Review


> There are hundreds of Human Touch Perfect Massage Chair customer reviews proclaiming that it feels good. Who doesn’t love a massage?
> Certainly easy to use. Just have a seat.


> Expensive
> Relieves the symptoms of back & body pain but doesn’t treat the root cause of most pain.


Almost any form of massage feels wonderful and is very effective in promoting healing and pain relief, and the Human Touch Perfect Massage Chair is no exception. However, massage alone is not enough to cure pain, it just provides temporary relief. By not treating the root cause of most back and body pain, which is poor posture, you are just committing yourself to needing massages for the rest of your life. The better approach is to treat the root cause of most back and body pain by correcting your posture with the BODY-ALINE, then use massage on an as-needed basis. Any form of massage, including the Human Touch Perfect Massage Chair, is recommended to be used in conjunction with the BODY-ALINE back and posture exercise machine. One form of therapy (massage) provides temporary relief, while the BODY-ALINE provides permanent lasting back and body pain relief.

A Personal Review of Human Touch Perfect Massage Chairs from BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor Jason Bowman…
I am a big advocate of massages to relieve pain, and even if you’re not in pain. Massages keep your muscles limber and functioning optimally. However, if you find yourself in need of massage on a daily, if not weekly, basis to experience pain relief then something is wrong and you have to ask yourself why? Chances are it’s from poor body alignment. Body misalignment can occur if one moving part in a system is out of alignment, then the other moving parts in a system are out of alignment because everything is connected. This is the ‘chain link’ principle of bio-mechanics. The moving parts of your skeletal system all have to work together in unison to function optimally with minimal wear and tear (friction). When misalignment occurs, it increases the friction between these moving parts and wear, tear, pain and strain is the result. Unlike Penetrex cream, the BODY-ALINE treats the root cause of most back and body pain by realigning your entire body. Once your body is realigned and functioning optimally, your need for massage is greatly reduced.


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"You don't have to rely on questionable back pain cures that don't treat root cause, rush into a risky surgery, or pop pain pills that only mask the real problem. The key to long-lasting back pain relief is not complicated. A strong back & good posture will take pressure off your spine. It's just that simple & you'll feel the difference right away. Because the BODY-ALINE works so well; I offer a true ZERO-RISK trial, which is something no other back-care company is willing to do. I encourage you to make the sensible choice & get started on the real road to recovery today."
~ Robert Gearhart R.N. (BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor)