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> A fair amount of good customer reviews of Body Champ can be found online
> One of the more affordable inversion tables
> Simple-to-use. Just strap in your ankles and rotate the table.
> Stretches/decompresses the spine, which relieves pain & pressure


> Hanging upside down for long periods can be uncomfortable for some
> Requires a significant time commitment for maximum effectiveness
> Although it stretches the muscles along the spine to decompress the spine, it doesn’t stretch or strengthen any other posture muscles for spinal realignment
> Increasing blood flow & pressure to the head while hanging upside down can be uncomfortable & dangerous for those with certain medical conditions. If you’re looking to buy an inversion table, consult your doctor first.


Inversion therapy doesn’t provide lasting relief from back pain, and it’s not safe for everyone. Inversion therapy involves hanging upside down, and the head-down position could be risky for anyone with high blood pressure, heart disease or glaucoma. Well-designed studies evaluating spinal traction (inversion) have found the technique ineffective for long-term relief. However, some people find traction temporarily helpful as part of a more comprehensive treatment program for lower back pain caused by spinal disk compression. Your heartbeat slows and your blood pressure increases when you remain inverted for more than a couple of minutes — and the pressure within your eyeballs jumps dramatically. 
-Dr. Edward Laskowski, Co-director of the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center and a Professor at College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic.


Body Champ Inversion Tables, and other quality brands, work for stretching/decompressing the spine & surrounding musculature. They makes you feel better fast by relieving the pressure between your vertebrae. However, inversion tables ONLY affect a single postural muscle group. They don’t stretch any other postural muscle groups other than the spinal erectors (the muscles that run vertically along each side of your spine) and, therefore, aren’t a complete posture correction solution for preventing most back pain. For example, if the chest & front of the shoulders aren’t stretched along with the spinal erectors, then the shoulders still roll forward & draw the spine forward as well. In addition, inversion doesn’t actively strengthen any back & postural muscles. Therefore, no matter how much you hang upside down, poor posture will just set in again.

In spite of their popularity, the use of inversion tables, alone, is just not enough to correct most cases of poor posture.

However, we do recommend inversion therapy in conjunction with the BODY-ALINE if you can comfortably handle all the blood pressure to your head. This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better solution for most chronic back pain, compared to inverson tables.


A Personal Review of Body Champ Inversion Inversion Tables from BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor Jason Bowman…

Body Champ Inversion tables along with other high quality inversion tables are solid products. Decompression of the spine will provide pain relief. However, the need for inversion begs the question: Why does your spine need to be stretched/decompressed in the first place? In most cases, it’s due to poor posture, which creates the unnatural angles in vertebrae that presses on nerves & discs. Body Champ Inversion Tables, although effective, treat a symptom of poor posture but it’s certainly won’t correct posture and, therefore, won’t permanently cure most back pain. Nevertheless, if inversion therapy makes you feel better then use it along with the BODY-ALINE.

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