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> Can work & be very effective for reducing low back pain because back strength & posture are addressed
> Promotes sweating which is the best detoxifier for the human body
> Could become a gateway to a more involved fitness program & lifestyle changes
> Can be very effective for posture/back pain if proper form is used for ALL exercises
> Consistent exercise allows one to maintain a healthy body weight, which contributes to overall joint health
> Developing a balanced muscle structure throughout the body will aid in one maintaining an erect posture and the toned muscles will reduce stress on the joints throughout
> The endorphins released from exercise are a natural mood enhancer


> Usually requires hands-on expert instruction to assure that all exercises are performed correctly
> Requires a fairly significant time commitment (45 – 60 mins/week)
> After incurring back pain/injury, the timing of when to begin these complex exercises can be tricky – too soon can make the pain/injury worse, so it may be best to get your doctor’s approval first
> Difficulty in mastering multiple exercises along with fairly significant time requirement can adversely affect user commitment & motivation
> Usually does not provide immediate effectiveness, which can also adversely affect user commitment & motivation
> It can be difficult and at times impossible to get down onto the floor and/or get up from the floor to perform these types of exercises for those with injuries and the elderly

During Week 1 you’ll do a 15-minute routine every morning using three exercises: the founder, the lunge stretch, and the back extension. Do 4 sets of each. Before bed each night, go through 1 additional—very slow—set.
– Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park, Authors ‘Foundation’, Excerpt (above) from their ’30 days to a Stronger Back’


Therapeutic back pain exercise programs & routines typically incorporate a series of proven back strengthening & posture correction exercises specifically designed to relieve most types of chronic back pain by strengthening back muscles and improving posture – just like the BODY-ALINE. In fact, back pain exercise programs/routines are the ONLY back pain treatment modalities that simultaneously strengthen your back AND realign your spine, as does the BODY-ALINE. However, the major difference between these two approaches is the BODY-ALINE accomplishes the same goal with one simple motion, whereas these routines usually require 6 to 12 different motions to be mastered on your own. Accordingly, the BODY-ALINE accomplishes the same goal in a mere fraction of the time compared to these series of exercises (5-6 minutes a week vs 45-60 minutes/week). Lastly, the targeted exercise motion of the BODY-ALINE requires much less physical effort, whereas these exercises are far more laborious.

If you can’t afford the BODY-ALINE but have plenty of time, then therapeutic back pain (and posture) exercise routines are a valid option for you. However, keep in mind, usually the more time, effort, & difficulty involved with something, the less likely you are to continue doing it. This is why most back pain sufferers have been prescribed these exercises by their doctor for back pain; yet continue to suffer from back pain. They simply don’t do them. Many have asked the questions: “What exercises are good for upper, middle & lower back pain?” and “What are good back pain exercise routines & programs?” This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better & more effective back pain solution compared to even the best best back pain exercise programs, classes & routines.


Emphasis is on positioning the spine in a nonpainful orientation, termed the neutral spine. Stretching and range of motion exercises are then completed daily in this configuration.Supervision by an appropriately oriented trainer is advised. 
– North Austin Sports Medicine (NASM), Excerpt (above) from their “Exercises Programs for Low Back Pain”

A Personal Review of Back Pain Exercise Programs, Classes & Routines from BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor Jason Bowman…

I applaud most of the back pain exercise routines found in print and video for having the right approach for curing most back pain. There is no doubt that stronger back muscles & good posture will relieve most types of chronic back pain. However, the downfall of these exercise routines is: time, effort and complexity. Let’s face it. Even the most well- intentioned back pain sufferers will have difficulty motivating themselves to get on the floor 3x a week for 45-60 minutes to struggle through these exercises. This is why we invented the BODY-ALINE, so you don’t have to! Just have a seat, lean back & rotate your arms. No excuses.

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