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CATEGORY: Ergonomic Balance Ball Seating
TYPES: For Use at Computer, Work or Workstations; Balls Made of Plastic or rubber; Can be built into chair frame or stool – with or without back rests and/or rollers

QUALITY BRANDS: “Evolution Ball Chair”, The “Safco Zenergy Ball Chair”, The “Cando Adjustable Ball Chair”, The “DynaFlex” Fit Chair, The “J-Fit Exercise Balance Ball Chair”; All Chairs May Come with or without Pumps.

*All brand names are trademarks of their respective owners & used for review(s) & comparison purposes only.


> Numerous satisfactory customer reviews of the balance ball, and other balls, online. You can do plenty of research before choosing which type of ball to buy.
> Offers the potential for back pain relief because sitting on a ball may make you more conscious of having good posture
> Easy to use – just sit on it
> Offers extra shock absorption for the butt when sitting down for longer stretches of time.
> Will be a topic of conversation because many will want to try it.
> Does passively exercise most of your core muscles throughout the day, which strengthens them along with raising your metabolism because you’re actually burning more calories while sitting.



> Numerous unsatisfactory customer reviews of the balance ball online
> Does not provide any mechanical ergonomic features that are known reinforce good posture
> Some users discover that these chairs can perpetuate poor posture because of their lack of lumbar support, similar to how sitting on a stool can cause severe slouching
> Because of limited support in lumbar region, the only way to have perfect posture in these chairs is by totally focusing on having perfect posture, but this can be done on any type of chair
> At times, can be an unwanted conversation piece

More spinal shrinkage occurred when sitting on an exercise ball than when sitting on an office chair.
Journal of Applied Ergonomics, Volume 40, Issue 2, March 2009, Pages 199–205


The unique aspect of Gaiam’s Balance ball chair, and other ball chairs just like it, is that it may inspire you to have correct posture simply because sitting on a ball is a new sensation, which can can be a reminder. But when the novelty of the new sensation wear out, most people will resume their normal slouching habits because, mechanically and ergonomically speaking, the ball itself doesn’t do much to reinforce good posture. Some users report that it’s even more difficult to sit up straight throughout their day because of these balls. The BODY-ALINE is a much more pragmatic solution for low back pain. It permanently corrects your posture from the inside out by re-balancing all your postural muscles, so that you can maintain good posture all the time, whether your sitting on a ball or regular chair. Many have asked the questions: “Do exercise ball chairs really work?” and “Do balance ball chairs really work?” This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better & more effective back pain solution compared to even the best exercise ball office chairs for back pain, like the Gaiam Balance Ball chair; although they both can work well together.


A Personal Review of Gaiam Balance Balls for Back Pain from BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor Jason Bowman…

I recommend that you actually sit on one before before buying and ask yourself if it feels like its reinforcing good posture? I’ve never felt it. The only thing I got was a softer landing for my hind-quarters, which is cool, and, of course, it was kind of fun to bounce around on. Ergonomic furniture style chairs are a far more effective option for correcting seated posture to relieve back pain, along with using the BODY-ALINE.

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