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CATEGORY: Spine Stretching for Lower, Middle & Upper Chronic Back Pain
TYPES/DEVICES: Assisted, Unassisted, Orthopedic Back Stretcher – The Natural Treatment for Backache, Wooden Back Stretcher for Entire Back, Portable Lumbar Extenders/Back Stretchers,Gentle Motion Standing Back Stretchers, Multi-level Lower Back “Magic” Stretchers & Lumbar Massagers, Arched Back Therapy Stretchers, Spine/Back Realignment Device/Aids, Trio Back Traction, Large High Density Foam Rollers, In Line Back Stretch Traction Benches, Spine Corrector Barrels, Core Stretch Equipment, Passive Stretch Partner Machines, Portable Inversion Spinal Stretch Bridges, Back Stretch Kits, Physical Therapist (PT) Approved Lumbar Back Stretcher Devices, Core Stretch – Back & Core Body Exercisers/Flexors

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> Inexpensive
> Easy-to-use
> Convenient


> Requires a fairly significant time investment for back stretching to work (typically 45-60 minutes a week for maximum effectiveness, less time will yield less results)
> Doesn’t strengthen any postural muscles – stretching is only half the equation for good posture


Passvive back stretcher devices claim to ‘realign the spine’ to relieve back & neck pain. However, stretching the spine in the opposite direction of poor posture is only part of the good posture equation. These devices do NOT strengthen any back muscles or stretch the tight chest & shoulder muscles – which is integral for achieving good posture. Passive spine stretchers get an ‘incomplete’ because correcting ONLY one of the posture muscle imbalances that caus poor posture is just not enough. The BODY-ALINE provides a total posture correction solution that addresses ALL of your postural muscles in a fraction of the time compared to most one peice uni-body passive back/spine stretchers that you lie over the top of. This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better overall solution for most chronic back pain, compared to even the best spine stretching equipment & machines, like passive spine stretchers.


A Personal Review of Spine Stretchers from BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor Jason Bowman…

This is a classic example of a genre of back pain products with the right idea. Yes, back stretchers attempt to correct your posture to prevent back pain, however, stretching is ONLY half of the good posture equation. Strengthening is the other half of the good posture equation. These devices do NOT strengthen anything. The BODY-ALINE is a far more effective method of correcting your posture because it stretches AND strengthens. If you’re reading this kudos to you for recognizing the importance of having good posture in order to prevent back pain. Now you just have to go out & buy the best available product that does this. The BODY-ALINE is that product.

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