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> Convenient & easy-to-use
> Stretching can reduce inter-vertebral pressure which provides mild pain relief to base of spine


> Long term effectiveness is highly questionable – many online reports of users feeling “nothing”
> The simple stretch this machine provides can also be done using a chair, may not be worth the money if a simple household item can be substituted in its place
> Fairly expensive considering the simple function it provides – seems like your paying for vibration, which may only have minimal benefit


Although Back-2-Life has been seen on infomercials, the simple stretch that this machine provides can be done using a chair with similar effectiveness. Granted, the vibrating aspect of this machine may add some benefit to the stretch, compared to a chair, but ultimately, that’s the only difference.  The position and movement of the legs & pelvis may provide some mild pain relief due to the mild stretching & decompression at the base of spine, but ultimately, this product does not really correct any of the muscle imbalances that cause poor posture. Therefore, it’s not a permanent long-term solution for relieving the type of chronic back pain caused by poor posture (which is most of it). Your time & money are better spent on a product that actually treats the root cause of most back & neck pain. Many have asked the question: “Does the Back to Life massager machine really work?” This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better & more effective back pain solution compared to even the best back pain machines & as seen on TV devices, like Back2Life.

A Personal Review of the Back to Life Back Pain Relief Machine from BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor Jason Bowman…

Admittedly, the Back to Life looks easy enough. All you do is lie down, relax & let the machine do the work for you. But what is it really doing? We’ve asked ourselves the same question. It offers a very mild stretch at the base of the spine, which is better than nothing if your spine is compressed. But poor posture is the primary reason your spine needs to be stretched in the first place. To substantiate this, please reference the quote below; it describes the incredible increase in inter-vertabral pressure that occurs when the spine is curved (flexed) forward from poor posture. With this being said, wouldn’t total postural realignment with targeted stretching AND strengthening be the best place to start?  Trust your gut concerning the Back 2 life. If it doesn’t look like it’s doing much then guess what? It probably isn’t. Furthermore, if you are considering buying this product, I strongly suggest you Google: “Back to Life Reviews” & review the incredible volume of negative things people are saying about it, from limited effectiveness to bad customer service. A handful of negative reviews for a mass marketed TV product are inevitable, but hundreds of them means there’s a problem.


In the original studies, a pressure transducer (or gauge that reads the internal pressure of the disc) was placed into the L3-L4 disc. This pressure increased to 200% of the individual’s body weight during sitting, standing with 20 degrees of flexion, or forward bending (poor posture) 
– Douglas G. Orndorff, MD, Board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Member of the North American Spine Society, Member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery

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