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> Easy-to-use
> Very effective for strengthening lower back muscles (spinal erectors)
> There is an extensive selection of back exercise equipment to choose from if you’re looking to buy online


> Swinging motion can be uncomfortable
> Easy to become injured without proper form

The exercise pictured above (back extension) puts the spine in a hyperextended position which is very problematic for the vertebrae – the bones of the spine. The friction developed as parts of the vertebrae rub against one another during this motion can eventually result in back spasms and debilitating pain. 
– Dr. Karlie Moore, Owner of Fit for Duty Consulting, Research has been published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research


Most back exercise machines are superb for strengthening lower back muscles if you can handle the swinging motion & increased blood pressure to the head. There is also an inherent danger of hyper-extending your spine (curving your spine too much in the wrong direction) if you finish the motion too high, so you have to be careful. A strong lower back is integral to having good posture but is really only half the good posture equation. You can strengthen your lower back msucles10 fold but if you don’t realign the rest of your upper back & postural muscles (chest & shoulders) as well, your spine will still migrate forward. The BODY-ALINE strengthens your back from a seated position, which is much safer and retrains ALL your major posture muscles at once. Therefore, it’s a complete posture solution for relieving back and neck pain compared to regular back exercise machines that ONLY strengthen lower back muscles. Many have asked the question: “What is the best exercise equipment for back problems & back pain relief?” This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better & more effective overall back pain solution compared to even the best back pain exercise & stretching equipment (back exercisers).

A Personal Review of Back Exercise Equipment from BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor Jason Bowman…

Even though you have to be really careful with a form to avoid hyperextending your spine, there is nothing wrong with most of the back exercise equipment found in gyms and home gyms. They WILL strengthen your low back muscles. However, they do nothing to rebalance the rest of your postural muscles. Therefore, it is entirely possible to have a really strong lower back AND poor posture (forward rounding shoulders) at the same time. The BODY-ALINE provides the exact same benefit of these commercials back strengthening pieces of equipment PLUS it realigns the rest of the postural muscles of your UPPER torso – as well, which is the complete & best answer for achieving total posture correction.

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