CATEGORY: Lumbar Cushions & Supports
TYPES: Rollers, Mesh, Pads, Memory Foam, Half Roll Lumbar Supports & Contoured Cushions, Foam Positioners, Firm Lumbar Rolls/Back Supports, “SuperRolls”, Spring Back Mesh Lumbar Back Supports, Lightweight Portable Lumbar Supports, Bariatric Style Lumbar Cushions, Professional Series Back Rests & Supports, Infra-Heat Massage Cushions, Double Gel Seat Cushions for the Back

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> Inexpensive
> Easy to use
> There is an extensive variety to choose from if you’re willing to buy lumbar & back supports online


> Does work but only works while being used
> Have to take it with you wherever you sit
> Doesn’t actively stretch of strengthen posture muscles

As for lumbar support, as soon as you begin to work at your desk, you tend to lean forward and not use it. 


Lumbar supports are passive realignment devices specifically contoured to provide additional material to support the lower curve of the spine – which is good. But they don’t actively stretch or strengthen postural muscles to permanently restore muscular balance from the inside out, as the BODY-ALINE does. The key to long-lasting back pain relief is having good spinal alignment ALL the time – not just some of the time. Passive realignment devices only work while you use them and you can’t use them all the time. However, if they are effective for increasing your comfort and providing temporary relief, we recommend using them in conjunction with the BODY-ALINE. They just aren’t the complete answer.Many have asked the questions: “Do lumbar cushions work?” and “Do lumbar support cushions work?” This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better & more effective back pain solution compared to even the best lumbar support cushions, like Backjoy.

A Personal Review of the Back Joy Seat from BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor Jason Bowman…

Although it’s still entirely possible to sit in a chair with the Back Joy and still slouch forward, which won’t cure your back pain, lumbar supports should definitely be part of your back pain prevention “tool box”. Most chairs, furniture & car seats have a straight or curved-forward back design, which does nothing but reinforce a bad posture. These devices should be used in conjunction with the BODY-ALINE to overcome all the ergonomically poor designs of most of the things you sit on.

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