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> There are many favorable online customer reviews of the fit ball chair. It does appear to work for a good amount of people.
> Simple to use – just sit on it
> Offers mild low back pain benefit due to increase cushioning for tailbone while sitting for long periods
> May make you more aware of posture while sitting because you’re sitting on a ball
> Passively exercises core muscles throughout the day
> A bona fide conversation piece


> There are also many unfavorable online customer reviews of the fit ball chair
> Does not provide any mechanical ergonomic features that are known reinforce good posture
> The only way to have good posture while sitting in these chairs is to really focus on having good posture, but this is something you can do on any type of chair
> Some people find that these chairs actually reinforce bad posture because of their lack of any real lumbar support, similar to sitting on a stool
> Sometimes an unwanted conversation piece


More spinal shrinkage occurred when sitting on an exercise ball than when sitting on an office chair. 
Journal of Applied Ergonomics, Volume 40, Issue 2, March 2009, Pages 199–205


The uniqueness of the FitBall chair may inspire you to have better posture simply because your sitting on a ball & it’s something new but, mechanically/ergonomically speaking, the ball itself does NOTHING to reinforce good posture because it doesn’t offer additional lumbar support. In fact, some users report that it’s harder to sit up straight throughout their day because of the lack of lumbar support. However, FitBalls do provide passive exercise to core muscles because they constantly want to roll and you have to keep yourself stationary, which places tension on your muscles but the danger is you may be ‘passively exercising’ your core muscles with bad posture, & thereby reinforcing bad posture. The BODY-ALINE is a far superior solution for back pain & posture because it realigns your postural muscles so that you can maintain good posture at all times, no matter what you’re sitting on. Many have asked the questions: “Do ball chairs really work?” and “Do exercise ball therapy chairs work?” This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better & more effective back pain solution compared to even the best ball chairs & therapy/exercise balls for sitting like the Fitball chair, although they both can work well together.


A Personal Review of Fit Ball Chairs for Back Pain Therapy from BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor Jason Bowman…

I’ve never understood the popularity of these things. I urge you to actually sit on one before you buy a ball chair & ask yourself if it feels like it reinforces good posture? I’ve never felt it. The only thing I got was a softer landing for my butt & it was fun to bounce around on. Ergonomically designed furniture-style chairs are far better options for back pain & posture, along with the BODY-ALINE.

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