It does work. I can tell the difference in the strength of my back. I just had to let you know how very grateful & happy I am for this. - Cynthia Wade (Kentwood, MI)

Think about all the daily activities that ruin your posture...

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It seems everything we do in life is forward, forward, forward...

No wonder our spines eventually migrate this way. Constant slouching creates an imbalance within postural muscles that continuously draws your spine forward. In the diagram below, notice how constant tension from the tight misaligned chest & shoulder muscles (in red) tug on your spine, while the weak overstretched muscles (in blue) allow your spine to curve forward.

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This internal 'tug of war' acts on your spine 24 hours/day. Aided by gravity, the front muscles always win & pull your spine forward.

Once this postural muscular imbalance sets-in, it's nearly impossible to reverse by using willpower alone because, at this point, you've lost postural awareness. In other words, a forward curving spine begins to feel very natural (and even comfortable) to you. That is, until you see your slumping profile in the mirror or someone makes a comment about your slouchy posture, and/or the back & neck pain starts.

To restore good posture, you have to rebalance your muscles.

The BODY-ALINE retrains your postural muscles to go in the exact opposite direction of your slouch by stretching the tight muscles in front & strengthening the weak muscles in back. This reverses the muscular imbalance that causes poor posture to draw your spine rearward & into proper alignment. This form of therapy is known as "Mirror Image Muscle Rehabilitation" because your training your posture muscles to go in the exact opposite (or mirror image) direction of where you don't want them to go.

Now one targeted exercise motion can reverse a lifetime of bad posture in just a few minutes a day!

Often times, when people try the BODY-ALINE for the very first time their facial expressions will suddenly change to surprise upon exiting the machine because their field of vision has been altered slightly from the sudden increase in height! Yes. They are, quite literally, looking at the world in a different way. The BODY-ALINE affords you the opportunity to quickly & easily treat the root cause of problem posture (muscle imbalance) in your home or office, when it's convenient for you, and requires the least amount time & effort compared to any other posture correction exercise solution. To further explain how it works, here are anatomical illustrations that detail the realigning effect of the BODY-ALINE exercise motion on postural muscles:

Effects On Posture1

DETAILED EXPLANATION: The calibrated exercise motion of the BODY-ALINE corrects the muscular imbalance (between opposing muscle groups) that causes poor posture by stretching the chronically tight muscles in front & strengthening the chronically weak muscles in back, while providing a soothing roller massage to the muscles along the spine. Over time, the mechanical action (of the newly trained muscle groups) acts upon the skeletal system to reverse the forward "tug-of-war" responsible for poor posture, which restores the spine to normal/neutral curvature.

I purchased a Body-Aline as a desperation move. It began to relieve some of the tightness in my back muscles almost immediately. Now, after 2+ years of continual use, my back spasms are completely in check and as an added bonus, my posture has improved noticeably. I'm a Body-Aline junkie. - Paul Salois (Whitefield, ME)

How Does it Feel

As you begin the motion, you'll feel a gentle stretching along the chest & front of your shoulders from the rearward arm rotation. Then, as you lean backwards, you'll feel your back muscles contract against the spring-loaded resistance of the long vertical lever. While, at the same time, the soft foam roller travels along your spine providing a therapeutic massage. As you continue doing the movement (rocking back & forth & rotating your arms), you'll start to feel certain muscle groups in your back tighten, while muscles in your chest, shoulders & ribcage loosen. You'll soon get the sense this is something your body has been craving...

Upon exiting the machine, you immediately stand taller & notice your shoulders being drawn down & back by, what seems like, invisible hands. This feeling is accompanied by a gentle elevation of your chest & ribcage, which causes you to breathe a little easier (and fills out your shirt a little better). Then, as you take your first step, you'll discover a new found lightness to your feet. Congratulations! You are no longer slumping along. This is how you were meant to look & function. This refreshing feeling occurs immediately after every use & stays with you for the rest of the day. Others may notice something different about you, similar to looks you might get after a dapper new haircut or style. Enjoy!


The BODY-ALINE combines four highly targeted stretching & strengthening exercises into one simple motion to permanently reverse the muscular imbalance that causes poor posture. It utilizes your body's own natural processes to safely & effectively draw your spine back into proper alignment.

Why Body-Aline

  • Safe & effective for children (12 +), pregnant women & seniors.
  • Has fully adjustable tension to accomodate all strength levels.
  • Includes a User Guide & online instructional video
  • Adjusts to fit a wide range of shapes & sizes (4'9" & up).
  • Assembles in 15 minutes (no tools required)

  • It's Safe & Effective

    The root cause of problem posture is muscular imbalance. Therefore, the ONLY way to permanently restore good posture is to restore proper balance to posture muscles. This is best done with highly targeted stretching & strengthening exercises. The BODY-ALINE combines four highly targeted stretching & strengthening exercises into one simple motion to permanently reverse the muscular imbalance that causes poor posture. It utilizes your body's own natural processes to safely & effectively draw your spine back into proper alignment. Of course, there are other posture solutions that incorporate stretching & strengthening exercises. However, NONE of these solutions combine them into ONE easy-to-do motion, as the BODY-ALINE does.

    Posture Reminders (Sensors):

    Posture reminders are straps with electronic sensors that beep or vibrate when you slouch (pictured left). The effectiveness of these devices are, most often, limited only to when you wear them. With the BODY-ALINE you don't have to waer anything because your postural muscles are constantly realigning your spine - not an electronic gadget.

    Posture Exercise Routines/Programs:

    Instructional books & videos with floor, chair & doorway posture exercise routines can re-balance your postural muscles, but require lots of time, energy, instruction & motivation (usually 45-60 minutes/week).

    Plus, Why Bother...

    Getting on the floor & sweating through 10 minutes of back & posture exercises almost everyday, when a machine can guide you through them in a fraction of the time?


    Just have a seat, lean back, rotate your arms and let the smooth easy motion of the BODY-ALINE guide you to a healthy back & good posture in just minutes/day - without you ever having to get on the floor, change clothes or even break a sweat. After just 15-20 repetitions of the exercise movement, you'll stand-up taller & straighter for the rest of the day - and eventually the rest of your life. Reclaiming your posture with targeted exercises is the best way to do it. Now, thanks to the BODY-ALINE, there has never been an easier faster way. No other exercise-based, posture corrective therapy is as effective, works as fast, or is more convenient. NONE.

    Posture Vests, Bras, Braces & Shirts are Just Temporary Fixes:

    Popular posture correction products like vests, braces, girdles & shirts (shown below) may temporarily realign posture while being worn but, ultimately, don't exercise any postural muscles to permanently restore their balance. Therefore, they are just temporary solutions. Ironically, in the long-term, wearable posture supports can actually do more harm than good because they cause postural muscles to become weaker over time. This occurs because the extra support, provided by the taught fabric of these posture correctors, does the 'work' your posture muscles should be doing to keep you upright. The problem with traditional posture braces is that they do the work for you. The passive nature of having one's shoulders pulled back serves to weaken the back muscles, which actually worsens one's posture over time, thus defeating the very purpose of using a posture correction brace. - Matt Franklin, Developer of "Automatic Posture" Ultimately, stretching & strengthening your postural muscles with the guided exercise motion of the BODY-ALINE is a far more sensible & permanent solution for correcting posture, compared to posture supports & garments. Plus, you'll NEVER have to sweat while wearing the BODY-ALINE over (or under) your best outfit. Here's how the BODY-ALINE stacks up against other types of popular posture correction products & methods:
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