You’ll feel the BODY-ALINE working the very first time you use it, as you stand taller & straighter, and notice less pressure in your back, immediately after exiting the machine. Use it in the morning before work or after a long drive, there is simply never a bad time for a strong back & good posture. But don’t take our word for it. Read what our actual customers have to say:


“The BODY-ALINE makes perfect biomechanical sense and is the best approach to back pain I’ve seen yet.”

– Dr. Eliot Edwards, Naturopathic Physician and Former VP of The NY Association of Naturopathic Physicians

“The BODY-ALINE treatment offers the best of both worlds. I simply train the patient once and they use it each visit. It provides a billable procedure that is a must-have for any practice. My patients love it and I love it too!”

– Dr. Chris Williams, Advanced Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

“I personally suffer from pain due to leaning over & adjusting people for 30 years… I purchased a unit about 5 weeks ago & am really enjoying the use of it both for myself & my patients.”

– Dr. Neal Blaxberg, Retired Chiropractor and Certified Professional Life Coach at Radical Life Coaching, LLC

“I have often been frustrated with postural issues. I guess I love your machine so much because I use it and it works for me.”

– Dr. Don Schmidt, Ottawa Chiropractic

“I don’t hesitate to recommend the BODY-ALINE to anyone.”

– Dr. Chris Szpila, Integrated Health Pros

“We spend a lot of time hunched over our patients. So I bought it for myself & my staff to promote good posture. It’s easy & fun!”

– Dr. John Crawford, Board Certified Orthodontist. Crawford & Wright Orthodontics

“As a physician and surgeon, a good portion of my day consists of leaning over treatment tables or sitting at a desk typing notes. Years of these repetitive poor posture positions, as well as a history of unbalanced weight lifting when I was younger, left me with a rounded shoulder position, and a lot of stress and pain on my upper back and neck. After 2 weeks of using the Body-Aline machine, I started noticing an improvement in my standing posture, and after 4 weeks, a substantial improvement in my neck and back pains. I’m standing taller than I have for years, but more importantly getting back to the activities that I love to do, but couldn’t. I look forward to seeing continued great results over time.”

– Dr. Adam Goldkind D.P.M, Podiatry Specialist Hoffman Estates, IL


“Based upon finding the Body-Aline website and reading the comparisons with other back and posture improvement products, I purchased a Body-Aline just before Christmas 2018. Assembly was easy. When I began to use it, my body immediately felt the value of this device. My chest and back are now much stronger and my posture is definitely better. Body-Aline became the starting exercise in my morning exercise routine. I have now exercised on my Body-Aline almost every day for more than 3 years.”

Victor Siegle

Retired Software Developer (Homer, NY)

“The machine helped me more in the first few days than 9 visits to the chiropractor over a 3 week period. The machine has paid for itself after wasting hundreds of dollars on chiropractic visits. Thanks to the inventor of this great product.”

Rick G

NAPA Auto Parts of Whittier, CA.

“I purchased a Body-Aline as a desperation move. It began to relieve some of the tightness in my back muscles almost immediately. Now, after 2+ years of continual use, my back spasms are completely in check and as an added bonus, my posture has improved noticeably. I’m a Body-Aline junkie.”

Paul Salois

Whitefield, ME

“Although I was not able to use the Body-Aline due to a prior neck injury, I was able to easily return it for a full refund. The company was very responsive to my request and I experienced no delays in my refund. Thank you,”

J. Zaki

Chicago, IL

“Hi There, The Body-Aline is working very well for me. I have used it every other day for over 3 years & it has been wonderful. Should you have any inquiries from British Columbia, Canada I’m more than happy to show them my machine.”

Sue Billington

British Columbia, Canada

“I’ve been a trainer for 22 years and have used a number of different back strengthening exercises… I was looking for a piece of equipment to strengthen my clients back who is 91. This is easy & comfortable & works his back muscles safely.”

Jonathan Rose

Personal Training for All Ages

“Thanks to your product, I now stand more erect & have much less low back discomfort. Thank you!”

Greg Nemecek

Gasko Fabricated Products

“I am a Wellness Therapist at HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Wellness in Fairview Heights, IL. We have utilized the Body-Aline machine for many years and have had great success with using it.”

Kelsey Boggs

Wellness Therapist at HealthSource

“The BODYALINE is one of the best designed & constructed health equipment innovations I’ve seen in a very long time.”

Paul Berman

“The BODY-ALINE assures me perfect posture at all times.”

Nicole Moneer

National Fitness Competitor

“I have been using Body-Aline since 2013 and love it. My posture has improved as well as my strength and I recommend it to everyone.”

David Badger

Founder & Inventor of Gorilla Hands

“I have been using the Body-Aline since I received it at the beginning of the year… I am happy with it!”

Dilmus Bennett

Lilburn, GA

“I ordered Body-Aline the week between Christmas & New Years, to my surprise it was delivered within just a few days. Assembly was a breeze, and I was off. Within a week, I was sleeping better & standing straighter. I’m not exaggerating, relief started in two days. Thank you so much for developing this…”

Theresa Averbeck

Network Administrator

“Hi Body-Aline, I purchased a Body-Aline on 2/29/12 and just love it.”

Clay Belcher

Madison, SD

“I bought body-aline a couple years ago for my then 12-year old son & it’s worked wonders for him; his being so young probably helped, but it was painless and quick. I’m sure it’s saved us a lot of money. I’m wondering if you have an affiliate program that pays commission to tell other people about your product.”

Heidi Yang


“My clients use your machine & feel it working right away. Betsy calls it her ‘Dream Machine’ LOL.”

Courtney Corbett

Owner of Kenosha Personal Training

“I use your machine to fix my decades-old posture. Thanks! I love the BODY-ALINE!”

David Fuchs

Retired Professor (Arlington, VA)

“The BODY-ALINE keeps you happy, healthy and out of my clinic.”

Mike Schinkse

Occupational Therapist

“The bodyaline is part of my weekly routine. I used to have chiropractors tell me my shoulders were rounded, but they are no longer rounded. Now my wife which rides horses is having problems, she is starting to use the chair because of my success. I would recommend bodyaline to anyone with neck & back problems.”

Colin Schnebly

Owner & Founder of Equetica

“It does work. I can tell the difference in the strength of my back. I just had to let you know how very grateful & happy I am for this!”

Cynthia Wade

Kentwood, MI

“I bought the Body-Aline machine this past Christmas for my son. He loves the machine and his posture and back are better than they have been for as long as he can remember. He uses the machine 2-3 times daily.”

Carl Kirschbaum

Pittsburgh, PA

“WoW!! I am so impressed with the Body-Aline unit, it really does work as advertised for getting your body back to where it is suppose to be… The first time I used this unit I noticed a difference in my posture. This unit is great for musicians, (saxophone, piano etc) where after many years or playing your body tends to adjust to the instrument and alignment becomes a issue.”

John Thomas Jr.


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