CATEGORY: Heat and/or Cold Back Pain Therapy
TYPES: Electric, Ice Packs, Rice, Oils, Gels, Sleeves, King-Size Digital Full Back Warmers w/LED Controller, Xpress Heat Heating Pads, Thermophore Arthritis Pads, Reusable Instant Heat Pads/Lower Back Warmers, Digital Moist Dry Heating Pads – Contouring, Belted Lumbar Back Aromatherapy Herbal Heating/Cooling Pads – Switching, Electric Heating Pads w/5 Heat Settings Plus Massage, Heat Therapy Belts, Lumbar Massaging Heating Pads, Active Automatic Moist Heat Wraps, Rechargeable Heated Back Wraps – Oversized, BOdy Heat Disposable Heating Pads, Heated Clothing/Apparel, Cordless Microwaveable Moist Heat Wraps, Infrared Heating Pads for Home, Heating Pad w/Ultraheat Technology, Doctor Recommended Professional Neck Wrap Heating Pads, Reusable Spa Bed & Body Wraps, Various Target, Walmart, CVS Heat Pads, ; Various Hot/Cold Heat Patches, Creams, Gels, Sticks & Liquids

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> There are many positive online reviews touting the effectiveness of Therasage heating pads & infrared saunas for overall pain relief
> Based on solid science: infrared heat has been proven to work by penetrating further past the skin barrier, compared to conventional thermal heat sources like heating pads
> Heat is almost always a great therapy for sore muscles because it feels good, and promotes circulation & relaxation to calm spasms


> Very expensive – you are going to pay a premium for the infrared difference.
> Deep penetrating heat certainly promotes the healing & recovery of sore muscles but doesn’t directly treat what’s causing the muscles to get sore in the first place


Applying heat or cold may relieve pain, but it does not cure the cause of chronic back pain.
– National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS)


Therasage products do work & have proven themselves to be very effective for their stated purpose in relieving chronic muscle pain. However, one has to ask the question of why the muscle pain is occurring in the first place. In most cases, chronic muscle pain is due to body misalignment. Similar to the tires on a car, when the spine and joints are misaligned this forces the surrounding musculature to work at awkward angles, which increases the chances for fatigue, injury and spasm. The best approach is to the use Therasage’s Infrared therapies as a supplement to make you feel better when experiencing muscle pain but the ultimate solution lies in improving your overall body alignment. This will prevent the pain from happening again. In just a few minutes a day with one simple motion the BODY-ALINE realigns your body, which will minimize the need for infrared heating devices. Together, they are great combination. Many have asked the questions: “What is better for back pain hot or cold?” and “What is best for back pain hot or cold?” This analysis summarizes why, in our opinion, the BODY-ALINE is a better & more effective back pain solution compared to even the best hot/cold back pain relieving therapies, which the Theracane therasage infrared heating pad is. Although, they both could work well together.


A Personal Review of Therasage Heating Pads & Infrared Saunasfor Chronic Back Pain from BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor Jason Bowman…

I’m a tremendous believer in infrared heat. When trying these products, I could certainly feel the difference between infrared heat versus conventional electric heat on my muscles. It just seemed to penetrate deeper, as advertised. So if you think you need heat for back pain therapy, infrared heat gets my vote. Feel free to buy it. However, even though it’s highly effective for temporary pain relief, heat doesn’t strengthen your back or realign your spine; and is, therefore, NOT a viable long-term solution most chronic back and body pain. The BODY-ALINE is.

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